CIGS thin-film solar modules can be a powerful alternative where installation of crystalline solar modules is impossible or even possible, where it is disadvantageous from a total cost of ownership (TCO) point of view.

Lightweight and flexible CIGS thin film solar cells

  • Installation without a separate structure
  • Installation on curved surfaces
  • Stable operation even under strong impact conditions
  • A truly eco-friendly product considering the production process
Solar cell product comparison
Product CIGS thin film solar cell Crystalline Solar Cells
Efficiency 18% 17-22%
Weight 2Kg/m2 16Kg/m2
Ductility Flexible, Rollable Rigid
Module thickness 2-3 mm 10-40 mm
Electricity consumption in production 200 MWH/MW 560 MWH/MW
Electricity consumption in production 173 ton/MW 2172 ton/MW
  • No potential for leaks during roof installation
  • High wind resistance
  • Shock-resistant
  • Leakage possible during roof installation
  • Low wind resistance
  • Weak to shock

High-efficiency CIGS thin film solar cell

High-efficiency CIGS thin-film solar cells have advantages in terms of high durability and long-term stability, and can be manufactured on lightweight flexible substrates such as metal sheets or plastic films, so that a relatively high power-to-weight ratio can be obtained during processing on flexible substrates. have. As such, it has advantages in terms of installation location, construction method, and cost, and since it can be free from morphological restrictions compared to conventional glass substrate solar cells, it is possible to create various application fields.

CIGS Lightweight Flexible Thin Film Solar Cell Module

CIGS Lightweight Flexible Thin Film Solar Cell Module
CIGS Lightweight Flexible Thin Film Solar Cell Module